In September 2011 Odessa will host the festival of the conceptual architecture “Post Future” which is oriented at the creative works of the Russian avant-gardists and dedicated to the search of the future architectural stars, being as prophetic and provocative as the Russian Avant-gardists.

2011 Festival will be held in the name and honour of Ivan Leonidov and his creative works.
This year topic is“Search of The Ideal”.

The final event of the festival is planned for 2013.

The Programme of the Festival includes the following:

  • Conceptual Architecture Awards “Post Future” for the certified architects under 40;
  • Special competitive programme aimed at architects and other creative professionals, such as designers, directors, visualisers and artists;
  • Educational programme of Shusev State Museum of Architecture (Moscow) and “Russian Avant-garde” Heritage Preservation Foundation (Moscow)

The first Festival of the conceptual architecture will be held in the name of Ivan Leonidov due to the following reasons:

First of all, this name can make the real architect shiver from excitement.

Then, his famous work “The City of the Sun” perfectly reflects the ideological and spatial structure of the festival with the central architectural award and multilayer competitive programme for the representatives of all creative professions, i.e. architects, designers, visualisers, directors and artists.

And finally, Leonidov’s works represent the pure architecture of ideas through time and space which can be determined as “Post Future”.

The Festival of the conceptual architecture “Post Future” is based on the topic of the cultural heritage, Russian Avant-garde in particular. The Ukrainian part and contribution to the festival will be supported by the competitive concept of preserving and using such distinguished historical sites as Medieval Akkerman Fortress in Belgorod-Dniestrovskiy City, which was built in the place of the ancient town Tyras


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